Hi-res Drum Scanning
Camera Raw File Process
Photo Restoration
Color Correction
Clip path
Cosmetic Retouching
Vector Conversion
Video Editing
Template & Catalogs
Logo Design
Brochures Design
Web Designing
  Photo Retouching
We are specializing in photo retouching and
We do photo enhancement, cropping, resizing,
Cleaning and cloning
Removing logo, objects, backgrounds, persons etc
  from the images
Creating and removing backgrounds
We at SSPL take your less than perfect digital photo and turn it into a masterpiece.
We make sure to adjust contrast, color levels, and sharpness.
We can also improve skin texture, remove wrinkles, and whiten teeth, just to name a few.
  SSPL Photo Retouching team removes scratches, dust, and can replace missing areas of your photograph. At SSPL, we do whatever is required to produce the best results.

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