Hi-res Drum Scanning
Camera Raw File Process
Photo Restoration
Color Correction
Clip path
Cosmetic Retouching
Vector Conversion
Video Editing
Template & Catalogs
Logo Design
Brochures Design
Web Designing
E-Publishing is short for electronic publishing, referring to a type of publishing that does not include printed books. E-publishing instead takes the format of works published online, on a compact disk, emailed, or provided in a file format compatible with handheld electronic readers. E-Publishing frees you to focus on the business of publishing, rather than on the technology behind it. The E-Publishing solution has the future designed in; yet is intuitive and easy to use.
In deploying SSPL E-Publishing solutions, our clients enjoy a number of benefits including reduced costs in producing their information content, accelerated cycle times in delivering content updates, and improved quality in their information products.
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